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More Proof That Masks Work

Ed Yong’s latest piece for The Atlantic looks at how hospitals — even those that are well prepared — are concerned over the rise in Covid-19 cases. Throughout the pandemic, hospitalizations have lagged behind cases by about 12 days. With such high case loads, many hospitals expect to become overwhelmed.
Hospitals Know What’s Coming
‘We are on an absolutely catastrophic path,’ said a COVID-19 doctor at America’s best-prepared hospital.
What Hundreds of Epidemiologists Are Doing for Thanksgiving
The New York Times spoke to over 600 public health experts about how they are approaching the upcoming holiday. Most are staying home and those who are gathering are taking precautions or rethinking holiday rituals.
What 635 Epidemiologists Are Doing for Thanksgiving
Those who are gathering with family or friends are taking precautions or rethinking their holiday rituals altogether…n Beres
The Case for Letting Go of Pandemic Shaming (Even Now)
I don’t agree with Farhad Manjoo’s conclusion. I can see how someone would reach it.
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Last week, I cried for the first time in… well, I guess about two years, since I saw that wrenching documentary about Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. These were big, gummy sobs, the kind where your sinuses plug up and you yawp for air.
I had just gotten off the phone with my mom, whom I haven’t seen in a year, explaining that my wife and I would not be flying from New York to Chicago for Thanksgiving as we had planned. When we made the arrangements, Covid numbers were down, and it seemed — with proper distancing, quarantine measures, testing, and high-quality PPE — that we could travel reasonably safely to a gathering that would exclusively involve my mom, her partner, my wife, and me. …
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“The tasks that lie ahead — manufacturing vaccines at scale, distributing them via a cold or even ultracold chain, and persuading wary Americans to take them — are not trivial, but they are all within the realm of human knowledge. The most tenuous moment is over: The scientific uncertainty at the heart of Covid-19 vaccines is resolved. Vaccines work. And for that, we can breathe a collective sigh of relief.”

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Anthony Fauci’s Thoughts on Covid-19 Transmission, Treatments, and Vaccines
A few key takeaways from America’s top infectious disease doctor
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This morning, Anthony